Developed and Made By Tonka Mills, Inc.

50 years of carpet experience

The Need for Nylac

Carpets, when cleaned improperly, resoil much faster after they have been cleaned. Repeated cleaning speeds resoiling as more cleaning compounds are added to carpet.

The Development of Nylac

It was apparent to Karl Gruhn, active in the carpet industry since 1950, that a more effective carpet cleaner was needed, which would not cause rapid resoiling. It also had to be user friendly, environmentally friendly, and safe for people and pets.

Karl originally produced Nylac in the basement laundry of his Mound, MN home, a few quarts at a time. Nylac was not developed to sell for profit, but for performance. Nylac was given to carpet customers to avoid the rapid resoiling problem. Users spread the news.

Now thousands of gallons of Nylac are produced steadily in the Nylac laboratory and sold in every state, in thousands of retail stores to millions of excited consumers.

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