Total carpet cleaning with Nylac is easy!

1. Spray

2. Rinse

Clean carpet in minutes with Nylac and a three-pound mop!

Save labor.

Nylac very effectively removes severe spots and stains during general cleaning.

To obtain excellent results follow these easy


Vacuum carpet frequently and thoroughly to remove lint, grit, and loose particles.

To remove clinging soil and cleaning compounds left in carpet from previous cleaning:

1. From a standing position, spray a mist of Nylac over the entire area to be cleaned. Spray additional Nylac on spots and stains and agitate gently. Allow a few minutes for Nylac to totally dissolve soil. (The time allowed and the volume of Nylac applied should conform to the severity of the soil and the density of the carpet pile.)

2. Draw soil up by wiping carpet gently with a moistened, absorbent Nylac sponge mop. Rinse soil from mop in clean, warm water.

Carpet will be dry and ready for use in less than one hour.


Rinse carpet with an extractor, using water only. Do not over wet carpet. Dry quickly.


Remove soil with a damp rotary bonnet.

By following these simple directions, no residue of cleaner is left in carpet to cause rapid resoiling.

Save thousands in carpet replacement costs!